Feb 14, 2011

Mother-Daughter Book Club

I had the privilege this past weekend of being invited to a mother-daughter book club that read THE OTHER HALF OF LIFE. I had so much fun meeting these wonderful women and their impressive daughters! They started the book club when their girls were in third grade. One of the first books they chose was THE MAGIC TREEHOUSE. They alternate between houses and usually make something to eat that has to do with each book.

Each girl writes discussion questions on pieces of paper and they put the questions in a bowl. Then they pass the bowl around and the girls pick the questions, answer, and discuss them.

They had great questions for my book and I really enjoyed discussing the characters, their motivations, the time period, and the history of the St. Louis with them.

Then we enjoyed a feast of goulash, challah bread, bananas, pineapple and strawberries!

It was a great time!